Algerian-Poland cooperation

In a joy ful atmosphere and tight organization, the Embassy of Poland in Algeria was organized and under the supervision of the attaché in charge of economic affairs, Mrs. Ewa niemier Pawlo wska
A distinguished ceremony in honor of the economic mission of the State of Poland, which is on a working visit to Algeria, to strengthen the bonds of economic cooperation between Algeria and Poland, and to discuss investment opportunities between the two countries, in the presence of Poland companies led by them Air Force institut Of Technology and a company Auto-Gaz AG centrum Specialized in motor oils and car gas, as well as several other companies spectre solutions Accompanied by a law firm and legal advice, the occasion was an opportunity to meet Algerian officials and economic partners.
The ceremony, which was organized by the attache in charge of economic affairs, Ms. Ewa pawlo wska, and in the presence of the Poland ambassador to Algeria, was distinguished by the large presence of Algerian businessmen and the media.
An occasion that was appreciated by all the attendees, and they wished for similar periodic meetings to improve relations and encourage investment between the two countries in a win-win manner.

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